African Safari Habitats


Get acquainted with the different habitats and animal’s behavior before you travel.

If you decide to focus in a particular area or are concentrating on certain animals or birds prepare yourself well. Arm yourself with good field guide books. Compare and familiarize yourself with distribution lists, habits and the places where animals feed and take shelter.

Watching wildlife can become monotonous if you spend too much time in one area. If you want to make the most of your wildlife safari in southern Africa it is far more beneficial to vary the habitats you visit and discover as much diversity as possible.

Combine of three or four major habitat into a safari without covering vast distances and wasting your valuable time in the bush.

Try to take all the aspects of the natural history of an area into consideration when planning your itinerary. Although the major animals are important, try not to get too caught up with ‘Big Five’ fever, there is so much more to be discovered.

The African wilderness has so much more to offer, especially its incredible bird-life, smaller mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees and other plants… If you are receptive to learn about all aspects of the natural history, your trip will be much more meaningful and pleasurable.

Desert | Arid Zone | Savannah Woodland | Savannah Grassland | Fynbos | Indigenous Forests | Swampland

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