Best Children’s Books with a Wildlife Theme

Children are obsessed with animals and wildlife. From the smallest ant to the biggest blue whale, they like to read about almost everything that involves nature. Plus, the colorful illustrations along with bright images tend to make books more interesting. However, considering the overwhelming variety out there, choosing the best children’s book … Read more

Top Wildlife Documentaries

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Isiolo, Kenya

Wildlife documentaries are always interesting. From National Parks to oceans there is something for everyone. Perhaps the best thing about wildlife documentaries is you can enjoy them with your family. You get to discover and obtain knowledge about bizarre animals that were otherwise unknown. Filmmakers spend years catching perfect moments and it … Read more



BOOKS AND RESOURCES WILDLIFE REGIONS GENERAL WILDLIFE ANIMAL GUIDES BIRD GUIDES FLORA GUIDES REPTILE GUIDE OTHER GUIDES WILDLIFE REGIONS (top) Okavango: Wetland Wilderness – Adrian Bailey  This book focuses mainly on the broad delta region of Okavango, which also includes the Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Lake Ngami. The information here is based … Read more


Wildlife Photography

Africa is a nature photographers dream. Everywhere you turn there is a picture ready to be created. The magnificent wildlife, spectacular birds, endless landscapes and vivid sunsets make you feel like this is where you belong. Also, there are the colorful tribal people who have been living in cooperation with nature since time immemorial. Soon you will be … Read more