12 Must Haves On Your Hunting Gear List

Whether you are an old pro out in the bush, or whether you are a new hunter with scar stock, there are some pieces of equipment that are considered essential items while you hunt. We put together this list of twelve of the best of them, and each will serve as many purposes as possible while you are out on the trial.

Let’s get started with the 12 most essential hunting kit items out there.

The 12 Hunting Gear Items You Shouldn’t Be Without

1. Light weight Hunting Clothes

There is a reason light weight is best. If you are out for long treks, following a buck for miles, or just trekking to the campsite – you are going to need to be agile. That means two things. One is good footwear, two is light weight hunting clothes.

2. Camo/Orange

All hunters use blazing bright orange as a colour to identify them from prey out in the field. Get yourself some orange to stand out, as well as some camo to blend in.

3.  Dry Packs

Containers, dry bags, wax sealed, insulated packs – all of these are useful in the fight against damp. There is one thing sure to lower your body temperature than anything else, and that’s getting wet.

4. Good Shoes

Clothing is so important when you are hunting. It needs to keep up with the pace, stay comfortable over the miles, not rub, chaff, or friction burn you and hold together, to boot.

5.  Binoculars

Of course, you need to be able to see it before you shoot it. Binoculars cover you for everything from spotting prey to finding the campsite at the end of the day. Besides, they let you spy on wildlife you would never get to see otherwise.

6. Spare Batteries

You will need these for something. Whether it is your flashlight or your short wave radio, you are going to run out at some point. Get around this by checking battery levels before you leave – but always keep an extra.

7. A Trusty Knife

There are all different types of knife for all different types of job. A good hunting knife will have a serrated edge for helping cut meat, and a flat edge to help in skinning it. You won’t get far out in the wilderness without a knife.

8. A Quality Harness

If you intend to spend time in a deer stand then you need one of these. Game & Fish suggest that you don’t even try to do so if you forget this vital piece of kit. Stay on the ground and play it safe, instead.

9. Scent Spray

You can spray yourself with deer hormones, or you can eliminate your own scent with a spray. You should use this liberally, paying particular attention to your hair and your hands.

10. Rations

Don’t forget that you are likely to be in your den waiting for deer for a long time. This means you might get hungry or thirsty. Ensure your rations have minimal rustle for the best effect. Avoid smelly snacks or drinks.

11. First Aid Pack

Everyone who spends time outdoors should keep one of these in their bag. It’s an essential item for everything from cuts and scrapes to breakages.

12. Maps

A map of the area, compass, GPS, or radio can save your life if you get lost out there. A mobile phone is great, but if the battery dies and you don’t have a paper map things can turn south fast.  Also be sure to have some fun games like boku casino and others for the down time. Check our ZeroTech Optics for all the best scopes and reticles.