How to Safely Take Payments Online?

Online payments are done daily for various purposes such as utility bills payment, payment in online shopping, credit card, insurance payments etc. The online payments save us from any extra effort and time wastage but it has a darker side as well. While paying online you are at the risk of hacking and other insecurities. An important question which is raised here is how can we take secure online payments? What are the possible risks associated with online payments?

Risks in Online Payments

There are different security issues regarding the online payment which awareness is necessary among every individual or those who run online business. In this way online sellers can provide the best secure online payment mode to their customers and win their trust. Gaining trust will definitely expand your business. The possible risks with online payment include hacking the accounts, your identity can be stolen, data leakage and fraud in payment by cards.

How to Make Online Payment Safe?

If you are working as a merchant in an online market then you should know the safest method and other precautionary measures in online payment. Following are some of the measures and safe methods:

Making your Website Certified

The online sellers have websites for their products or service marketing. It is necessary that all online sellers get a digital certificate known as SSL now it is TLS for the authentication of their website.  SSL stands for secure sockets layer and TLS is known as transport layer security. The certified website will establish a secure link between the website and the users browsers. The SSL certificate is necessary as it is the requirement of PCl compliance. The SSL certificate cost varies as it depends upon the type of certificate and the certificate provider.

Standards for Payment Through Cards

Credit card network authorities have developed the PCl DSS regulations consisting of 12 demands in payment by cards to make a safe environment for online merchants. If you want to get PCl compliant, it is necessary that your website is taking financial information and you are taking payment online. The card authorities have their own set rules for compliance, authenticity and enforcement of its regulations.

Provision of Online Payment Gateways

The 3D gateways is the secure source for online payment in which the customer pays directly to the website of the seller. It is the two factor authentication system in which merchants get rid from extra chargebacks.

Establishing the AVS System

The address verification system reduces the possibility of fraud as the criminals don’t know the address of stolen cards. Activating address verification system will prove beneficial for both shoppers and sellers

Safe Online Mode of Payment

Being a merchant, you can take safe online payment by providing these modes of payment on your website:

Payment by Credit Card and Debit Card

The debit card is considered safe mode for online payment as it is under the 3D’s standard as password for once is needed for purchasing. Similarly credit card usage is under the payment compliance standard and both credit and debit cards are secured by a zero liability program regulated by a master and visa card.

Providing the option of E-wallet and direct debit

The payment through e-wallet did not require any payment information such as card data from the buyer. The shopper uses information from their account and the transaction is done through unique random codes. In direct debit, the money comes from the bank directly and the transaction channel comprises a number of verification steps and safeguards.


The online payments can be made safe by implications of different regulations by the merchants who have e shops. The SSL also known as TLS certificate for websites and PCl compliant is the best way to gain trust in buyers as they know that they are paying on a secure platform. In addition to this, you can also adopt different safe online mode payments for your website.