Mountain Ranges in South Africa


A few people are aware of the beauty of the South African mountains, but they are not widely known. Visitors may expect tranquil forests, awe-inducing rivers, and beautiful landscapes in these mountain ranges. When you picture the African countryside, you probably see the vast, flat plains and grasslands of the Serengeti or … Read more

How Big Is the White-Faced Owl?

Southern White Faced Owl

The southern white-faced owl is a huge scops-owl, although relatively modest compared to other large owls. Black-and-white face with a gray back and whitish underside. Broadleaved woods and thorny savannas are their preferred habitat. The Northern White-faced Owl is a distinct species with a different call and a smaller vocal range. Like … Read more

How the African Waterbuck Differs from American Deer

Waterbuck Antelope Animal

Many confuse deer and antelope, believing that deer is an antelope and vice versa. Both animals are even-toed hoofed mammals, which accounts for the prevalent misconception. Deer, on the other hand, belong to a distinct family, whereas antelopes are more of a mishmash. This article aimed to provide readers with a better … Read more

Discovering the Springbok


The Springbok, with a scientific name of Antidorcas marsupialis, also known as the Springbuck, is South Africa’s national animal. This medium-sized antelope is distributed throughout southern Africa but not in the Kruger National Park. It is simple to recognize a Springbok by its distinctive dark brown stripe along its flank and sloping … Read more

What are the major bird species in Australia?

What are the major bird species in Australia?

Having been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years paved the way for the richness and uniqueness of Australia’s biodiversity. Among the many animals that evolve in this 7,617,930 square-kilometer life-raft are the birds. More than 850 bird species call the continent home, with nearly half of them … Read more

Tips for Fishing in the Safari

fishing gear

Fishing is considered by a lot of people to be one of the most fun activities to do while outdoors. For many people fishing is much loved hobby.  Some people find fishing very relaxing, while others find it exhilarating, so the emotions and experiences you will get from the said activity would … Read more