What are the Wettest Areas of Africa?


From the Sahara to the mining settlement in Dallol, Ethiopia, and the once-dubbed hottest place on the Earth, El-Azizia, Libya, Africa is home to many hot regions that experience extreme rising temperatures. It’s no surprise that when people think about Africa, images of drylands and deserts arise. Yet, Africa being incredibly unique … Read more

What are the Hottest Areas of Africa?

Lying within the intertropical zone amidst the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, Africa’s geographical situation exposes the continent to much more concentrated sunlight, compared to the rest of the Earth. With drylands and desert covering 60% of the continent, it’s no surprise that it’s considered the hottest in the … Read more

Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

UNESCO World Heritage sites are exceptional cultural, historical, and natural areas or landmarks that have significant universal value or influence on humanity. Nearly 1,200 monuments exist across the 167 countries in the world. Africa has its fair share of these outstanding locations, with 145 UNESCO sites scattered across the second-largest continent. Today, … Read more

Most Endangered Species in Africa

African Wild Dog

Africa is a multitude of things. It hosts thousands of tribes and cultures, boasts stunning tropical beaches and vibrant cities, and possesses many geological wonders and awe-inspiring natural sceneries. Of course, the continent is most renowned for its unmatched wildlife diversity, offering travelers with great viewing opportunities to many of the world’s … Read more

Major Mountain Ranges in Africa


At about 30.37 million km² and being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is more than just its renowned savanna grasslands and unique safari experience. The region also features spectacular mountain ranges, a testament that it’s one of the most geographically diverse places on Earth. From the Atlas Mountains to the … Read more

Wildlife Themed Activities for Kids

Wildlife Themed Activities for Kids

Industrial revolution and consumer mentality have wreaked havoc throughout the world in general and particularly for wild life. We hear every day about dolphins and sea animals dying and washing up on the beaches. We get to know about animal species becoming extinct because of human interference in their habitats. Precious animals … Read more

Best Children’s Books with a Wildlife Theme

Children are obsessed with animals and wildlife. From the smallest ant to the biggest blue whale, they like to read about almost everything that involves nature. Plus, the colorful illustrations along with bright images tend to make books more interesting. However, considering the overwhelming variety out there, choosing the best children’s book … Read more

Top Wildlife Documentaries

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Isiolo, Kenya

Wildlife documentaries are always interesting. From National Parks to oceans there is something for everyone. Perhaps the best thing about wildlife documentaries is you can enjoy them with your family. You get to discover and obtain knowledge about bizarre animals that were otherwise unknown. Filmmakers spend years catching perfect moments and it … Read more

Tips on Taking an Ethical Safari

sunset in Savannah Safari with silhouette of two big animals

We all cherish an adventurous vacation. There seems no harm in unwinding after a stressful week and making memories. However, if your relaxing vacation involves spending a day in the fields amidst wildlife, there is a lot you need to unlearn and learn today. Ever since the advent of wildlife safari, many … Read more

Best Animal Picture Books for Toddlers

A stuffed toy sheep sitting on books

Toddler books, particularly those with pictures and colors, are an excellent resource for entertainment and education. Children love illustrated tales of nature. Animal books for toddlers are both entertaining and academic for them. It is even more fun if parents read these books aloud with animated sounds and acts. Animal tales or … Read more