SPRINGHARE – Pedietes capensis

SPRINGHARE – Pedietes capensis

SIZE: Length 80 cm, mass 3 kg. COLOUR: Varies from pale reddish-brown to yellowish-grey. Slightly darker tail broadly black at the tip. The underparts and insides of the legs are white or whitish-yellow. Large, dark eyes which shine bright yellow-orange in torchlight. MOST LIKE: Other hares, but distinguished by its excessively developed … Read more

Cape Hare (Lepus capensis)

CAPE HARE - Lepus capensis

It is a pale brown to a reddish or sandy-gray hare, who is a native to Africa. It is easily recognizable through its conspicuous long ears, which always stays upright. Females are larger than males. They differ from the Scrub Hare, being smaller in size and sans the whitish underside. Read further … Read more

Marsh Owl (Asio capensis)

Marsh Owl

It is a relatively large, brown owl, with distinct tiny ear tufts. While mainly nocturnal, it is sometimes seen active before dusk and after dawn. Prefers moist grasslands, marshes, and cultivated lands. It is known to store food items in enclosed spaces or “caches” for later consumption. Not vociferous and generally silent … Read more