Tips for Keeping Dogs Away From Your Fish Tank

The Fish has been a staple food for Man, but also a long-time pet, especially colorful fish such as Betta fishes and guppies. The Dog has been the ancient companion of Man, the faithful friend at work and cuddly pet at home. Both have been indispensable for the well-being of Man. But keeping them together has been a problem.

Dogs tend to eat them, or at least nibble away if they get the chance. And goldfish will jump out of their bowls at the drop of a hat. So, how to keep both together safely at the same time, and in the same home? In this article, Richard Rowlands, editor of Aquarium Fish City will take you through some tips for keeping puppy away from the fish tank.

The health benefits of aquariums extend beyond the simple fish tank at home. Studies show that spending time in public aquariums can improve both physical and mental wellbeing as well. Though reef tanks provide visual stimulation that might boost your focus and creativity, they can also have a very calming effect.

Good Dogs

Most house-broken dogs are what we call “good dogs”. They do not bite anybody, unless they find rogue intruders. They don’t manhandle the kid, just play along gently. They don’t pooh indoors except in their own ash pits. They don’t nibble slippers and toys, jump on the bed with muddy feet, or pick off the best steaming dishes from the dining table when no one is watching. They are quiet, affectionate and well mannered around the house. And they keep well away from Fish Tanks.

Good Fish

As aquarium fish, their main objective in life is to swim up and down in their own Tanks (or bowls). This way even guests can tell that they are alive, and not some flashy identical plastic goldfish on show. They are visual showpieces only, and emit no sound, frightening or otherwise.

They just twist and turn inside their confined space, and sometimes nibble at the worm-stuff that is their main food, and occasionally gaze with gulping open mouths at the home-owners and guests alike. But there are times when the goldfish feel like, well, “goldfish in a bowl”.

This is when they spy the open top of the Tank or bowl, and they take a mighty leap to freedom. This is when they always land on the carpet, and this is when the Dog (or the Cat) comes passing by.

Preventing Puppy Interest

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. So here are those Tips for Keeping Dogs Away From Fish Tanks

  • Training: The first time when your dog is introduced to the fish tank, make sure the dog is on a leash. First try and reduce the excitement factor in the dog by taking it out for a long walk, or by other exercise. Next, let the dog get close enough to smell the fish, and inspect the new experience. But hold on to the leash, and ensure that the dog understands.

  • Repetition: The training above needs to be repeated at frequent intervals, until the dog becomes compliant.

  • Simultaneously: Ensure that the fish tank cover is always in place, fully covered except when placing the food, or cleaning the tank (when an alternative, smaller tank can be used. If some goldfish get jumpy, sedate the food to slow them down, but very carefully, to prevent salmon poisoning.