10 Great Places For a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding with your soulmate? Walking into a new phase, married life can be exciting. So for those who want to make it even more exhilarating, a destination wedding is ideal. Making lifelong memories with your lover is what every couple desires;  the vibes and the energy of different countries fascinates everyone.

So, the opening move for a destination wedding would be to decide and finalize the locations, and most importantly the places where you’ll hold the events. Remember, it’s not the easiest thing in the world as it can be quite tough to settle for the best package offered as one will have to accommodate lots of guests too. 

To make the wedding more thrilling and joyful don’t forget to book some unique locations to tie the knot. For instance, a large garden, or the tallest building in the world. Here are a few places to add to your wish list if you ever plan for it.  Meanwhile, you can also open the following link if you are planning to have the best Las Vegas Casino Wedding

Dubai, UAE

Whenever we think about planning a wedding event, Dubai is the first city that comes into our minds. It offers a combination of both deserts and beaches which no other city can. Moreover, Dubai’s nightlife and its modern architecture are not a hidden fact as everyone is familiar with it. 

Dubai is an all in one city or we can also call it a compact city because of its diversity as it can offer each and everything which one could wish for, from luxury hotels to luxury shopping malls and most importantly it has some of the most beautiful venues such as; Four seasons resort, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

Paris, France

How can one forget the city of love when thinking about planning a wedding. Paris offers a romantic experience like no other. Other than that, it is Europe’s one of the most developed cities and it’s also known as a Fashion hub so you can shop for some brands if you wish. 

Paris is just a perfect place not only for marriage but couples can return here for their anniversary as well. The countless attraction spots in Paris make it possible for the couple to relive the magical moments again.

Although Paris can be a bit heavy on the pocket, the overall experience would be worth it as it can offer some historic wedding venues to add some spice to your wedding album. Some of the best venues include; Mandarin Oriental, Eiffel Tower, and Saint James Albany Hotel spa. 

Cinigiano, Italy

It is a small town located in the Italian region of Tuscany, it’s known for its beautiful landscapes and can add some beautiful views to your wedding. Moreover, Cinigiano is also known for its historic beauty so if you’re planning for a traditional wedding Cinigiano is the place to be. 

As Cinigiano is a small town so hosting a wedding there isn’t very expensive, it offers a list of some affordable venues such as;  Castello Di  Vicarello, Stone apartment Monte Antico  Castel Porrona Relais.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you’ve ever imagined a fairytale wedding destination for your wedding, Stellenbosch can fulfill your desires. It is surrounded by greenery and it’s also known for its famous vineyards which show scenes of breathtaking beauty. 

Moreover, it consists of a variety of art galleries and boutiques which can help your guests to enjoy shopping. Stellenbosch provides some astonishing venues such as; Stellenrust vine estate and Hudson’s.

Negril, Jamaica

To host a sophisticated wedding event you can head to Negril where you’ll be offered some luxury resorts and a fantastic view of the long bay. Turquoise water and authentic Jamaican cuisine are the specialties of this venue. 

In addition to this, Negril has some beautiful clear water beaches along with it travelers can enjoy the essence of the Jamaican culture too. Some best venues are; Sandals, south coast, Legends beach hotel, and the spa retreat boutique hotel. 

Vail, Colorado

Looking for an adventurous wedding destination? Vail has it all. Many cultural festivals are organized here such as the Vail music festival and the farmer’s market and art show. It is a skiing destination but still, it has a lot to offer which includes snowboarding, golfing, and hiking. 

Some of the finest venues can be found here such as; Donovan pavilion, Vail mountain wedding deck, and Vail Marriott mountain resort. 

Soufriere, St. Lucia

If you are a couple who is into nature or who is fascinated by nature then Soufriere is the best place to hold your destination wedding. It offers two gigantic volcanic necks and several hot springs to keep you warm. Most importantly it has one of the world’s most astonishing waterfalls which is surrounded by a desert. 

Soufriere also has an ancient French historical background which glorifies it even more. Some venues to visit in Soufriere are; Hummingbird beach resort, Anse Chastanet Resort, and Sugar beach. 

Payangan, Bali

Most people around the world choose Payangan as their wedding destination as Bali comes on the list of the most famous travel destinations. Payangan is an Indonesian island that is quite known for its volcanic mountains, forests, and beaches. 

The quality of services provided is outstanding as Bali has a good reputation as a tourist spot. Famous places in Payangan are; Wapa Di ume wedding chapel and Ayana resort. 


White sand beaches, dense forests, and volcanoes everything together can only be found in Hawaii. You can host your wedding without any hassle because Hawaii never runs out of hotels and resorts. If you are planning on something big at your wedding, Hawaii is the place. 

Some beautiful venues in Hawaii are as follows; Haiku gardens wedding, Sunset Ranch Hawaii, and Kahala. It’s also not very expensive to hold a wedding destination in Hawaii. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rain forested country in Central America, it offers numerous beaches and amazing volcanic views. In addition to this, Costa Rica provides couples planning a destination wedding with numerous venues such as Tamarindo which consists of astonishing beaches which also allow surfing. 

In addition to the beautiful views that Costa Rica offers, the Country is best for a budget wedding. You just need to keep $6000 and Costa Rica will take care of the rest for you.

Moreover, some mesmerizing views, the dreamland of palm trees, and crystal clear water are all the characteristics of Papagayo, which is best known for its affordable and best wedding packages.


Weddings are the most important part in a couple’s life, hence it should be planned perfectly as memories live longer than anything else. You only get married once so to make it remarkable and worth remembering, it should be arranged specially. 

However, the best places for a destination wedding are not limited to the above-mentioned ones, but we have located some of the heavenly spots for you. We know how hectic it is to finalize locations so we shortlisted a few and made it easy for you to pick. 

Hence, if you ever plan for having a destination wedding, do review our suggestions to make your event memorable and it is guaranteed that you wouldn’t regret it.