Is 5G Available Worldwide

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks evolved through 2G, 3G, and 4G. Now it is a standard of technology in the cellular network. It is a wireless technology for smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets. Till now we don’t know what evolution it will bring when implemented throughout the world. It is because it is available in only some of the regions around the globe. 

In February 2021, more than 30% of the world’s countries are having access to 5G. It is estimated that the user or connection of 5G will reach 3.6 billion users by the year 2025. Till now 5G is available in seven subcontinents across the globe but it is not available in all of its countries. Often tall towers, such as Reunion tower in Dallas, are used for cellular towers and helping to deploy 5G world wide.

Is 5G Available Worldwide

Starting from North America to Oceania, there is 5G coverage. People traveling to different continents for a trip can avail themselves of the services of the 5G network if they are having a 5G enabled smartphone. 

North America


North Americans have seen the 5G network appearing in sporadic places for a few years. It is limited in reach and scope due to the elementary challenges of the 5G network. It is estimated that by 2023, 32 percent of North American mobile connections will be switched to a 5G network. 

United States

Fixed 5G wireless broadband internet is currently available from Verizon and other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Other than these major carrier companies, smaller carrier companies are also providing 5G options. 


Rogers Communications began to roll out its investment in bringing 5G network for the public. This new network covers 173 cities and towns. Hence, this carrier company is planning to bring 5G as soon as possible for their users. 

Telus Mobility rolled out its networking in June 2020 in Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal, and other locations. On the other hand, Videotron started offering new networking in Montreal. You can also check out a reputable seller that offers premium budget ounces canada online.


The Mexican telecommunications company America Movil announced the launching of 4.5 networks in anticipation of the 5G network release. 

Puerto Rico

Claro, the wireless provider started testing 5G in Puerto Rico in 2019. 

Dominican Republic

Altice is working on launching a 5G network in the near future. 

The Bahamas

BTC announced the work on launching the 5G network in 2017. It is expected that BTC will launch the 5G network in 2021 for its users. 

Central America

As compared to North America, Central America is experiencing a slow rollout. 


Ericsson announced that Tigo had chosen the company to modernize the radio access network. The agreement includes the multi-standard 5G network for the users. It is known that 5G will arrive in Honduras. The agreement is still on the first step. In mid-2020, 4.5G was launched as a step closer to the 5G deployment. 

Costa Rica

Grupo ICE showed the support of 5G in April 2021. It is still unclear that when it will be able for the users. 

South America

South American countries are working on the launching of 5G. 


Entel is the largest telecommunication company in the country partnering with Ericsson to bring 5G for the customers. Chile has the necessary infrastructure in a high capacity to support a 5G launch. It should reach Chile in the upcoming years.


Ericsson and Movistar tested 5G systems in 2017. It is expected that they will launch 5G parallelly to Chile for users. 


Vivo’s network became available in 8 cities by the mid-2020. Tim is conducting a 5G test for their customers. 

Vivo’s network became available in eight cities in July 2020.


Telefonica Colombia is running trials of the 5G network and it is expected that they will launch it by the end of 2021. 


Tigo reached a deal with Ericsson to test the 5G network. In mid-2021, Millicom operating under the Tigo brand is investing millions of dollars for 5G for their customers. 


The Millicom/Tigo operating network services in Paraguay are testing to bring 5G network for their country. 


Full coverage of the 5G network on the island is expected by 2022. SETAR is a leading communication provider of Aruba working in partnership with Nokia is running the tests of the 5G network. 


5G coverage in Asia is expected in the current year but some of the countries are working on its testing. South Korea is having three mobile network companies such as SK, Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus. KT Corporation began its services of the 5G network in 2019. They launched unlimited 5G services for 85 cities by the end of 2019. 

NTT Docomo in Japan has been studying 5G since 2010. In 2019, they launched pre-commercial services of 5G. In 202, they officially launched the services of the 5G network for their customers. On the other hand, Rakuten Mobile launched the 5G services in 2020. 

3 Hong Kong launched the 5G services for indoor and outdoor areas of all districts of Hong Kong. In late 2018, Vodafone launched 5G services in Souq Waqif and Katara Cultural Village. They had been offering unlimited 5G plans to their users

In UAE, Etisalat launched 5G services in 2019. The users were provided with fixed-line networks capable of a 5G network. Virgin working under DU carrier has been providing the 5G network to their users. 

Turkcell has announced a partnership with Nokia to develop 5G technologies. It is still running tests on the 5G network. Pakistan has been running tests of 5G. The pioneer carrier, Zong is the first company to run a test on 5G services. 


UK’s largest operator, EE is the first company to launch 5G services in the UK in 2019. The 5G coverage was in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, and Manchester. Vodafone UK, another largest telecommunication provider has launched its 5G services in seven cities in 2019. 

Vodafone has launched the 5G services in 5 different cities in 2019 such as Bologna, Naples, Rome, Turin, and Milan. On the other hand, TIM (Telecom Italia has been providing 5G services in Turin, Rome, and Naples. In 2020, they have covered the cities like Matera, Florence, Verona, Bologna, and Milan. 

Swisscom in Switzerland has provided the 5G services in 54 towns out of which the majors ones are Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva, Chur, Bern, and Basel. 


Major countries in Oceania have seen the rollout of 5G services in 2019. Talking about Australia, 290 5G sites are provided by Optus Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and few other locations in NSW, Queensland, and Victoria. Telstra has promised to provide a 5G network in the upcoming year in the areas of Gold Coast. 

Spark NZ of New Zealand, is offering a couple of 5G broadband plans at home. They are fixed-line broadband connections. Another carrier in New Zealand, Vodafone has been enabling the use of 5G services in Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. 


5G services have been available in African countries such as South Africa. Vodacom Group has launched the 5G services in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg in 2020. The wider coverage is expected in the upcoming years. 

MTN Nigeria ran successful 5G trials in several locations. It is expected that the 5G network will be rolled out by the end of 2021. Telecom Egypt and Nokia have agreed on a partnership to launch 5G in the upcoming years. 

In Madagascar, 5G has been launched in Toamasina and Antananarivo in 2020 by Telma carrier. For commercial use of the 5G network in Lesotho, Vodafone Lesotho has launched it for two clients such as mining industries and banking. Shortly, the 5G coverage will expand. 

5G Network – Coverage and Available Across The Globe

It was the time when we rejoiced the first wireless phone and network in the history of mobile generations. 5G network is the fastest and new technology in the world of the mobile network is expected to bring a lot of changes in everyday challenges. 5G service is still not available for most of the users in different continents. 

In the upcoming years, around 3 to 4 billion users will be using the 5G network for their smartphones, smartwatches, and much more. With the advancement in technology, your car might be 5G enabled. If you are having a 5G-enabled smartphone, and you like to travel, then you can enjoy the service of the 5G network across the globe.