A Guide to CBD Oil for Cats with Arthritis

Have you recently noticed your cat limping? Has it become lethargic and unwilling to play? If so, your beloved feline might be suffering from arthritis, which is a common joint degenerative condition in cats.

Arthritis occurs when the joint fluid and cartilage protecting the bones of cats wear down, so the bones grind against each other. It causes insufferable pain in felines, which they hide as much as possible in order not to show weakness.

Besides the standard treatment methods of pain and weight control, cat owners are advised to give CBD oil a try. There is a variety of CBD oils for cats that ease stress and discomfort.

The following guide explains the role of CBD in felines with arthritis.


This degenerative joint disease might be caused by multiple factors affecting the knees, ankles, hips, and elbow joints in felines. The joint cartilage usually weakens due to wear and tear as these animals get older. Also, the cartilage surrounding the joints might sustain damage because of abnormal hip development.

Moreover, arthritis can be induced by a joint injury or fracture, as well as obesity. Even though obesity isn’t considered a genuine cause of this disease, it’s believed to worsen the condition. Genetics is also to blame for the development of arthritis, given some cat breeds are more susceptible to it. For instance, breeds like Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, Siamese, and Persian cats are at greater risk of developing the condition.

Although this degenerative disease may affect different parts of a feline’s body, the most commonly affected part is the legs, particularly the back legs. When it occurs in this part of the body, arthritis has a great effect on their mobility. Felines usually start limping and favoring one of their legs when walking. Unfortunately, this condition affects a large portion of the cat population older than six years, as many as sixty percent.


There’s a multitude of signs indicating osteoarthritis in felines that cat owners should watch out for. For instance, they exhibit behavioral signs like experiencing difficulty when jumping up on furniture, jumping down from furniture, chasing objects, running, going up and down the stairs, etc. Your cat will show reluctance to perform tasks that he/she previously had no trouble accomplishing, such as jumping on countertops and high areas.

Felines suffering from arthritis are likely to develop spinal issues, as arthritic pain might occur in various parts of the spine. Their necks might become sore, whereas their posture is abnormal. Also, your cat will probably be more lethargic and unwilling to play games or chase objects around the house.

Another sign of arthritis in felines is irritability, as arthritic pain makes cats snap when someone approaches them. Even if your intention is just to pet your companion, the manner in which you’re doing it might increase their pain. Check out some useful methods for telling if a cat is in pain.

Muscle atrophy is another symptom to beware of, given the muscle tissue of these creatures starts dying because of inactivity. Felines no longer use their muscles like before, which leads to a thinner look of their legs. Additionally, they have a tendency to bite, lick, or chew the areas of their bodies that cause pain. This habit might eventually result in hair loss and inflamed skin in the affected area.

Why is CBD oil the best treatment?

Innovetpet   oil is touted as one of the best treatments in the fight against arthritis and chronic joint pain because of being a remarkable painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is among the main symptoms of arthritis occurring when the joint cartilage wears down, failing to provide a cushion to the bones. Consequently, the bones start rubbing against each other, making the joint tender and inflamed.

Once CBD enters the body, it commences interaction with the ECS (Endocannabinoid system). This system is largely responsible for inducing anti-inflammatory responses. Cannabidiol is believed to trigger such responses by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors. The anti-inflammatory properties of this remedy are capable of reducing inflammation in different body parts, such as the stomach, brain, and intestines.

Furthermore, CBD oil helps felines by blocking the progression of arthritis and protecting their joints from serious damage caused by chronic inflammation. The role of cannabidiol as a painkiller is vital in the battle with this degenerative joint disease. CBD aids the alleviation of neuropathic and physical pain, which affects life quality. Follow this link, https://www.medicinenet.com/neuropathic_pain_nerve_pain/article.htm, to learn about the causes and risk factors for neuropathic pain.

Arthritic pain is not only neuropathic but also nociceptive. The former means it’s triggered by nerve damage, whereas the latter refers to pain caused by body tissue damage. CBD also regulates behavioral changes in felines like lethargy and irritability. As it has a boosting effect on mood, cannabidiol reduces irritability and increases energy levels in cats. Your feline companion won’t snap when you approach him/her and return to its usual activities.

Regarding application, CBD oil can be administered to felines either directly to their mouth or their skin. By putting a couple of drops into your pet’s mouth, cannabidiol will reach the bloodstream much faster and result in immediate pain relief. When used as topical, this remedy provides pain alleviation to a particular area.

Final word

CBD has proven effective in the battle with arthritis.

Your feline deserves a try!