Seven Futuristic Car Features

The writers of sci-fi movies are prophets. I can’t imagine those cars on our street. Is it possible? Yh, it is. With our current advancement in technology, anything is possible. Engineers all around the world are working on electric cars, self-driving cars, Zero long energy systems that can power cars.

Here are the top seven futuristic car features;

You won’t have to charge your electric cars!

Maxwell S Chikumbutso, the founder of Saith technologies invented the world’s the first free energy machine which produces energy using radio frequencies. His company builds cars that don’t use fuel. This will put an end to petrol, diesel or any other means we’re used to. This current technology will spread across the world in a few years and it’ll make life much easier for the people because it’s free renewable energy. Also, take a moment to check www. to know everything about your family car.

Cars parking in a machine-driven manner.

Self-driving cars aren’t new anymore but what if my car can park itself? What if my car can find a spot to park on. That’s amazing. This isn’t fiction. With a car to substructure integration, this innovation will be possible. Cars will now have the opportunity to not only park themselves but locate a parking spot on their own. it’ll be magical like we’re in a sci-fi world.

Car to car communication

For machine-driven and self-driving cars to operate successfully, active communication must take place between them. Imagine cars being able to alert one another about an accident occurring in a particular location, dangerous climate, and even road blockage. The incredible gist about this is that communication will be automated. Occupants don’t need to start pressing different buttons for this magic to happen.

Cars Take The Power!

Engineers are currently working on a creepy technology. Although they claimed it’s for safety reasons but it has its negative effect. The technology has to do with the ability of cars to override their drivers and take control of the vehicle. Maybe an accident is about to happen but the driver gave a wrong command instead of applying the brake, the car can apply it. This will ensure safety but what happens when cars can willfully disregard the command of their drivers and make their own decisions?

Remote car shutdown

This feature is normally used by police in North America to shut down stolen cars remotely. But engineers are now planning to input this feature in cars so people can protect their cars from being stolen.

Moon vision capabilities

In 2000, Acura presented this technology but it didn’t take off 20 years ago and has come a long way since then. Moon vision or night vision capabilities use front-facing cameras to display a night-vision video feed on the center console of the vehicle.  As automotive technology continues to advance, it remains crucial to prioritize the seamless integration of specialized components like the BMW oil cooler. This approach is essential to uphold the optimal performance and reliability of the vehicle.  A lot of drivers have had the fear of hitting something they don’t know while driving at night but with this new feature, it’ll be a thing of the past.

Full integration with cell phones

Why do I need a car key when I have a cell phone? Engineers are working on a new way to integrate our cell phones with our vehicles. Since it’s easier to lose car keys than cell phones, this technology will make it much easier for us to control our vehicles with just a simple screen swipe.