Safaris are supposed to be exciting and a once in a lifetime experience. You get to blend in with wildlife for a few hours every day and observe the biggest animals in the world up close. While safaris provide several activities other than jeep riding, there are some ethics and rules that … Read more

Learn More about Blue Wildebeests

BLUE WILDEBEEST - Connochaetes taurinus

The Blue Wildebeest, also known as the Connochaetes taurinus, Common Wildebeest, Brindled Gnu, and White-bearded Wildebeest, is a large antelope species that is categorized under the Bovidae family. It shares a close taxonomic relationship with the Black Wildebeest. Dubbed as a “wild beast” for its menacing looks, this animal is often described … Read more

Learn More about Tsessebes

Tsessebe Domaliscus lunatus

A Tsessebe has amazed people because of its agility and excellent physical features. Dubbed as the fastest antelope in southern Africa, the Tsessebe is a fascinating species of antelope that you will surely have fun learning about. Read further to know more about Tsessebes! What is Tsessebe? Often referred to as a … Read more

Amazing Facts You Should Know About Blesboks

BLESBOK - Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi

The Blesbok, also known as Blesbuck or Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi, is an antelope species indigenous to Eswatini and South Africa. This species falls under the Bovidae family. Its closest relatives include Blue Duiker, Eland, Gerenuk, Bontebok, and Sitatunga. American naturalist Francis Harper first described this antelope species in 1939. The Blesbok is … Read more

Learn More about Black-backed Jackal

BLACK-BACKED JACKAL - Canis mesomelas

The Black-backed Jackal, also known as Canis mesomelas or Lupulella mesomelas, is a canine species indigenous to eastern and southern Africa. This species presently lives in regions that are separated by approximately 900 km. Compared to other Canis species, the Black-backed Jackal is considered a very ancient species, having only minor changes … Read more

GREY MONGOOSE (Large) – Herpestes ichneumon

GREY MONGOOSE (Large) - Herpestes ichneumon

It has large, round eyes, big ears, and it comes in a cute size—a Lesser Bushbaby is a native to the southern part of Africa. It is considered as one of the most common primates that roam around Africa. They are strikingly adorable and generally harmless. In fact, they are often kept … Read more

Black-shouldered Kite Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

Black-shouldered Kite

The Black-shouldered Kite, also known by the name Australian Black-shouldered Kite, is a raptor that is widely distributed across Australia. It resembles several bird species that are found in Africa, North America, and Eurasia, including the Black-winged Kite. The Black-shouldered Kite is categorized under the Accipitridae family, which consists of birds of … Read more

Facts About the African Barred Owlet

African Barred Owlet

If you are planning to go on a wildlife exploration in the central or southern region of Africa, chances are you will come across an African Barred Owlet, a small yet beautiful owl that resides in open habitats with trees. Read further to know more about the African Barred Owlet! What is … Read more