Tips for Taking Your Blender While Tailgating

If you’ve ever been to a huge party, concert, or maybe a Super Bowl game, you’d probably already seen crowds waiting outside the stadium. The thing is, they are not just simply “standing in line” like regular audiences; they are usually on their trailers or trucks with other tailgate goers. Tailgate goers tend to be at the venue days and even weeks before the main event; they will whip out tables, drinks, and food that they will share with fellow tailgate goers. They would even play Lawn games such as ladder golf, Polish horseshoe, Louisville Chugger, and Jarts. Lawn games are commonly associated with tailgate parties due to their simple game mechanics yet fun experience.

Tailgate Blenders

One fun aspect about tailgating during events is the moments with your fellow goers; the times and activities you share with them would be memorable. Besides the time and activities, it’s undoubtedly fun to share your delicious recipes with them as well; and one quick-fire to do this is by using your hand tailgate blender.

But for you to start whipping out delicious meals using a tailgate blender, you must first consider a few things to make it more efficient. Remember, you’re out and about with everyone else, so you need to have a blender that’s easy to use yet efficient.

Features to Consider

Tailgate blenders should both have mobility and efficiency, considering your situation during the event outside. So, we’ll be providing some tips to consider before getting one.

  1. Power Source:  This would be the most obvious one amongst others. Since you’re outside, your blender should be mobile and doesn’t need much power for it to work. So, you can choose from a battery-powered blender with charging capacity through a USB port. You can also opt to use a blender that you can plug into your car, but you need to consider the length of the outlet or the cord itself. But, worse comes to worst, you can consider getting a manual blender instead; yes, you can hand-crank a blender for it to work.
  • Blender Versatility: You’ll also need to consider the power and speed of the blender you’ll be purchasing. Primarily, with more power, ergo, the more ingredients you can blend with it. This aspect is where battery-powered blenders go downhill; with the limited power it gets, the smaller output it can give. So, if you want a more robust blender, you might want to choose a plug-in type of blender.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Whenever you’re planning to go to a tailgate party, let alone outside, and you want to bring your blender, you don’t want to complicate the whole blending process. So, it would be much better to get a blender with minor functions, yet it’s versatile to any situation. In short, it’s better to opt-in using a single push button blender. The blender size would also matter since if you’re outside, packing would be much harder, especially if you’re to consider the typical shape of a blender; it’s not something you can quickly put into your luggage.
  • Cleaning with Ease: Bringing your blender outside would also mean additional kitchenware to clean. When you consider the place you’re in, it’s not hard to understand that you have limited resources, both energy and water. So, with this in mind, you have to be efficient at everything you do, even washing the dishes. You also have to consider how easy it is to clean your blender, especially if you’re planning to whip a thick soup or smoothie. Remember, less is more for this kind of situation; vis a vis, efficiency is the key.

Considering Tailgate Blenders

It will still be up to you when you’re choosing the blender that will suit your preferences. Make sure that your blenders would be efficient enough with all the possible work you’ll be doing during the tailgate event. With the various blenders available on the market, choosing the best tailgate blender could be difficult. However, if you know what exactly you want and need, it can cut down the options you will see, making it easier for you to choose. Always consider the things you need and want before buying a blender, let alone anything.